Lake and sport fishing

In addition to the woods surrounding the farmhouse, Il faetino’s property offers a lake of about 2400 m² suitable for fishing. During winter with the replenishment of trout or during summer with carp and sturgeon, you will have the chance to prove your skills and, perhaps, end up in the best fisherman's board with your prey!

Throughout the year, you can reach Il Faetino to participate in our sport fishing competitions with prizes and a little bit of glory in our Facebook page!

Life at the lake is not just about fishing! That's why all around, a picnic area with tables and grilles, is set for those who love to eat, relax, paint or just read a book in the shadow of the great oaks. Those wishing to spend the whole day here can fish and book a table to eat. The formula we propose is simple: cook in full autonomy by bringing home food or buying the products from us .... salami and meat to grilling ... we’ll take care of lighting them up! ...

To book your table is a small fee of 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for children (kids under six free of charge!) is required

Table with tablecloth for lunch or dinner are included in the fee and we’ll provide the braces... and our brace is made only with wood fom ou forest, that’s understood!

For those who come to fish and want a table booking is required as well, the fares are:

1. during winter, with trout fishing, 15 euros per rod for adults and the catch can be taken away. Otherwise

2. for bottom fishing, in spite of the period and the type of fish caught, 10 euros per rod for adults if the fish is then restored to the lake.

If you do not have them, we'll give you the bait! Kids who want to fish can do it and, if they do not have a fishing rod, we can provide them, already prepared!

For any kind of information or curiosity you can contact us, we will be happy to help you!